Monday, 9 July 2007


If the drip drip drip effect of Alastair Campbell’s diaries was too much for you in yesterdays papers, then shut yourself in a closet because todays are tabloids are just as bad. The Guardian not only gives him front page coverage, but a couple of full ones on the insides as well. The more I read the extracts, the more I believe that this is just a sweetener for the full story which will come out when either Brown is voted out of office or has at least secured an election victory.

To be honest, these tasters tell us nothing new. Campbell tells us that cabinet ministers had doubts about the Iraq war; we already knew that. He tells us that the Northern Ireland peace process was touch and go; we already knew that. He hinted that Blair was keen on a Lib Dem merger; we already knew that and Brown tried to rekindle the idea when he approached certain Libs for cabinet posts.

The real warts and all edition I am sure is already penned and waiting for a publication date. The Hutton Inquiry, the David Kelly Affair and the Blair/Brown relationship are all issues that will be given, hopefully, a better airing. Until then, what we have is somebody capitalising on Tony’s departure. Is it an acceptable practise? Not really, but it’s politically interesting either way!

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