Tuesday, 10 July 2007


I am about to back up all the things I have said in the post below about consideration of other bloggers news, views and issues. Not a man I always agree with, but regional readers would be well served to check out the post at Curly’s Corner Shop.


I wont reproduce his text in full (he has covered the subject well enough himself) but it centres on the Council’s underhand and disgraceful wishes to close the Lanark Drive children’s home in Jarrow, all to save £200,000 (12 jobs will also go).

After you have read the article, consider these issues.

1. What will the existing land/building be used for? If the council want to sell it, how much will a developer be willing to pay?

2. Does any prospective buyer have current contractual business with the Council?

3. How much will it cost to make 12 specialised staff redundant, probably more than the saving of £200,000?

4. Surely, the Council can make savings of £200, 000 elsewhere? How much a year do they spend on entertainment and corporate packages?

Finally consider this. The combined allowances for Councillor’s Foreman, Waggot, Malcolm and Donaldson (Curly’s Rat Pack) plus their other cabinet colleagues is over £190,000. A bit to close for comfort? Of course it is. For a saving of £200,000 a body which costs the same in personnel allowances would shut down a children’s home, possibly the only secure environment these children have every had. Consider that when you cast your ward votes next time round.

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